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Automate Vulnerability Detection and Remediation with Machine Learning

More than 80 percent of cyber-attacks target the application layer, and the majority of application layer cyber-attacks are rooted in software vulnerabilities. The emergence of Web 3.0 is resulting in faster and more flexible agile development and the movement from traditional monolithic web applications to modern applications that invoke many APIs and utilize microservices architectures. While these changes deliver many benefits, they also amplify the risks and require new methods of detecting security vulnerabilities.

At Jaroona we have developed a custom framework – the Jaroona Vulnerability Framework – that uses machine learning and deep learning to automatically detect and remediate software vulnerabilities from a wide range of causes. The framework is effective in centralized solutions, decentralized blockchain technology and smart contracts written in multiple programming languages.

We are entering a new era of automated vulnerability detection and remediation powered by machine learning, an era of much higher accuracy and performance. With Jaroona organizations can achieve an unprecedented level of security protection at scale without placing a burden on internal development resources or depending on their security knowledge and expertise.


Web 3.0 Cybersecurity Technology

At Jaroona we are creating the next generation automated Vulnerability Detection and Remediation cybersecurity solution. Our technology is designed to:

  1. Protect both centralized and decentralized applications and
  2. Provide protection throughout the development lifecycle and at runtime
  3. Accurately and efficiently detect and remediate both publicly reported and zero-day vulnerabilities

In terms of scale and innovation, the Jaroona Vulnerability Detection and Remediation solution is a true Web 3.0 cybersecurity technology while current SAST, DAST, IAST and RASP products are WEB 2.0 tools.

The Jaroona Vulnerability Detection and Remediation can be deployed in two primary modes:

  1. Incorporated into a Security Node protecting a decentralized blockchain architecture against cyber-attacks in real time
  2. Acting as an on-premise or cloud-based centralized SAST application, protecting source code throughout the development lifecycle

The Jaroona Vulnerability Detection and Remediation continuously and automatically learns from millions of daily commits to ensure up to date coverage both from enterprise and blockchain projects.

It is accurate, so engineering teams do not lose time and trust working on non-existent vulnerabilities (false positives).

It provides automatic vulnerability re- mediation suggestions in real time. Traditional products cannot deliver this, and must rely on expensive manual remediation, policy configuration, upgrades and consulting services.

It accurately identifies vulnerabilities in APIs starting with API browsing and discovery, followed by API usage patterns, and finally with vulnerability detection and remediation suggestions.


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