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Important Announcement

We are pleased to announce that Veracode has acquired Jaroona’s auto-remediation technology .  We are happy to be working with Veracode to incorporate Jaroona’s technology as a means for delivering value to customers.  Please see here for more information.

Protect Your Organization with Automated Application Vulnerability Detection and Remediation

As the threat of cyberattacks increases, organizations need stronger and more efficient protection. The Jaroona Enterprise Security Solution is a breakthrough technology that uses machine learning and deep learning to automatically detect and remediate software vulnerabilities. Jaroona outperforms traditional approaches by 7x to 10x in all key metrics, including accuracy, false negative rate, and false positive rate. It is fully automated, reducing the burden on technical resources. And because it finds vulnerabilities in code before it is deployed, it stops hackers before they even have a chance.

Organizational leaders around the globe are alert to the growing threat of cyberattacks. According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report 2020, Cyberattacks and Data Fraud or Theft are two of the top ten global risks facing organizations. 76% of the participants surveyed for the report expect the risk of Cyberattacks to increase in 2020.

"In 2021, cybercrime damages might reach US$6 trillion - what would be equivalent to the GDP of the world’s third largest economy."  Walker, I. 2019. Forbes

The risks to organizations include direct financial loss, loss of business data, disruption of operations and damage to brand reputation. And the cost of defense is high, as typical solutions are slow to detect and remediate vulnerabilities and require substantial technical teams to operate and support.

With Jaroona, organizations can achieve an unprecedented level of security protection at scale.


Web 3.0 Cybersecurity Technology

Jaroona is the next generation automated Vulnerability Detection and Remediation cybersecurity solution. We believe that every organization should be automatically protected from even the newest cyberattack threats, and that the protections should be implemented before hackers have a chance to act.

To realize this vision, our technology harnesses the latest advances in machine-learning to automatically and continuously learn from thousands of daily updates from over 3,000 security databases around the globe.

The result is unprecedented protection from existing, new and evolving cyber threats. Jaroona is an always-on, fully automated solution that is continuously updated with the latest vulnerability information so that your organization is protected.

Existing Solutions Have Severe Limitations

Current approaches to vulnerability detection generally fall into three categories, all of which have significant limitations.

  • Static Application Security Testing
    (SAST) can be slow and inaccurate.
  • Dynamic Application Security Testing
    (DAST) is labor intensive and error prone.
  • Interactive Application Security Testing
    (IAST) is costly and has gaps in coverage.
  • None of the above solutions offer automated remediation suggestions.
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Jaroona sets a New Standard in Application Security

Jaroona addresses all of these limitations with a completely new approach based on the latest advances in machine learning. With Jaroona, organizations are able to:

  • Stop hackers before they start
  • Automatically detects and remediate vulnerabilities in source code
  • Reduce the burden on technical teams
  • Produce far fewer false positives
  • Stay continuously up to date on the newest threats
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The Jaroona Vulnerability Detection and Remediation continuously and automatically learns from millions of daily commits to ensure up to date coverage both from enterprise and blockchain projects.


“Jaroona is a true breakthrough technology. Our AppSec team is thrilled with the ease of use and performance, and even though the world is becoming a more and more dangerous place, our applications are more secure than they have ever been.”

Jaroona leverages advanced machine learning technology to automatically learn about new threats, find vulnerabilities in code, and fix them before they hit production. The end result is a revolution in application security.

The numbers speak for themselves. Jaroona beats the average commercially available solution in every key metric.

  • False Positive rate:

7X better than the commercial average

  • False Negative rate:

10X better than the commercial average

  • Accuracy:

7X better than the commercial average

  • Precision:

7X better than the commercial average

  • F1 - measure:

8X better than the commercial average