What is JSN?

Real time security for the entire blockchain

Developed by an ex-IBM founding team, the JSN (Jaroona Security Node) is a revolutionary new blockchain node that acts as an automated,
distributed realtime cybersecurity guardian. The JSN has the power to protect entireblockchains, DAPPs, smart contracts and your own personal assets and data.


Fully decentralized security, scalable, trustworthy in a trustless world

Blockchain hacks are increasing yearly, with $978,000,000 stolen in 2017 and $1,100,000,000 stolen within the first half of 2018, now, more than ever, a scalable security solution is needed to protect our blockchains.

Currently, it’s speculated that there are 34,000 malicious vendors, offering everything from custom malware, to on-demand distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks to threaten our blockchains. Before the Jaroona Security Node (JSN), the blockchain communities answer to these threats would include costly, manual solutions subject to human error.

However, the JSN acts as the world’s first blockchain solution to offer cybersecurity protection in real time, over a large attack surface, automatically adapting and responding to new types of emerging attacks.

Using deep learning networks across multiple blockchains and vast data points in real time, the JSN is able to provide results unparalleled in comparison to manual methods and/or the work of top cybersecurity experts.

By also operating as a blockchain node itself, the JSN is able to run on multiple devices, including smaller, weaker IoT devices and mobile phones, allowing users to earn income by protecting our blockchains at scale.


Powerful machine learning security node deployed on any hardware device

The JSN is a hardware device (computer, mobile phone, IoT) that analyses incoming events (network traffic, contracts, transactions and underlying blockchain code) to identify malicious behaviour patterns, acting as a real-time alert system for traditional blockchain nodes.

Upon receiving a malicious alert, a traditional blockchain node will act according to its respective constitution/governance, meaning that the malicious action will either be frozen (put into quarantine) or left for white-hat hackers/development teams to action.

The JSN on the other hand, utilises AI technology and deep learning networks to identify malicious attacks in real-time, whilst simultaneously implementing the optimal solution to prevent and secure the threat in question completely removing the need for costly manual auditing and penetration tests.


Scalable in three dimensions:

  1. Scales to hundreds of thousands of nodes without degrading performance
  2. Scales horizontally to ef ciently cover large surface for hacker attacks
  3. Scales to millions of users

The JSN earns fees based on the financial impact of an attack it prevents

For example, if a JSN detects a ransomware attack which puts $250 million at risk, the node which prevents that attack will receive higher compensation than another node that prevents a lower-impact attack.


  1. It’s “agnostic” towards networks and their programming languages
  2. It responds efficiently to current and emerging threat models
  3. It deals with bugs/vulnerabilities in the smart contracts by uncovering them automatically (and at scale)
  4. It utilises self-improving security that’s decoupled from consensus algorithms

To differentiate between attack types and their financial impact, the JSN performs an 8-class threat classification based on deep learning networks.

To encourage more people to run the JSN to protect blockchains across the Globe we’ve optimized the JSN for several types of hardware using our bespoke resource-optimization algorithms.


Example use cases and applications for the JSN

  1. PoS networks protected by a network of Jaroona Security Nodes (JSN)
    Protecting PoS/shards in real time, and at scale

  2. Jaroona Security Nodes (JSN) identifying malicious nodes in real time
    Protect blockchains by identifying malicious nodes across different scenarios

  3. A cyber security knowledge base
    The meta network of Jaroona Security Nodes learns from attacks and vulnerabilities, sharing this data with blockchain partners

  4. Automatic Smart Contract certification by JSN
    Smart Contract certification by JSN ensures robust protection against vulnerabilities

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